Some of my art

Over the holidays, I got crazy and creative and really practiced my crochet and paint-mixing skills. I am an absolute beginner painter, so I’m really just getting used to mixing acrylic paint and feeling how it feels with different brushes on the canvas. My grandmother was really creative and talented when it came to painting, so I figure some of that talent has to be in me somewhere. Crocheting is just something I do to relax while watching TV and it keeps my hands busy. I usually make an afghan with my squares, but enjoy the repetitive nature of making squares. I am really proud of how even my stitches are in these pieces.

iphone photos 056 iphone photos 062

Cameron (BF) got me a desk easel and new paint for Christmas and my birthday. I like using it.

iphone photos 061 iphone photos 060

More crochet!

iphone photos 058

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