Day 4 — Mile 4

I decided to take mile 4 and day 4 over to my local YMCA (my family has been members for years) because I really wanted to test out the pool and my swimming ability (and the hot tub and steam room) so I thought I’d get my mile in around the track. It’s hard to calibrate a GPS tracker around a small track when 19 laps is equivalent to a mile, but I counted 19 laps and the time looks about right for my pace and how my body felt afterward. I don’t particularly like this — but I’m getting tired of humidity and didn’t want to do the treadmill today. Bonus of getting six laps done in the pool and 15 min on the elliptical as a cool down. Plus a soak in the hot tub which felt oh so good . It’s all about wellness and balance, and I’m enjoying not being on campus this week. 🙂 image1 (2) image2 (1)

One thought on “Day 4 — Mile 4

  1. You can do it! I am very much enjoying the reflection on running and getting back to the basics regarding work, balance, and busyness.

    Hoping to start a slow build myself next week if the hip gets cleared!

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