New Month, New Goals, New Me

It’s been a while, I know — I haven’t written, I haven’t talked about writing, I haven’t trained, I haven’t talked about training blah blah blah. But it’s a new month, and with all the other standard crap that goes with new beginnings — I thought I’d try one of my own to see if it works. How many days does it take to build a habit? Different sources will tell you different things — but since I’ve been having trouble finding joy in running and thus motivation has been an issue –I’m going back to where I started. ONE MILE per DAY. Just one. If I feel like doing more after that one I certainly can, but I’m telling myself I need to do ONE MILE each day for EVERY day during the month of August. And this is accountability here — I have to upload a picture of my garmin, running app, fitbit, what have you to prove that I’ve done it. Ultimately I would like to record mood and how I’ve felt and all that jazz, but me being me I know that won’t happen. So here’s today’s run.

image2 image1So no, not my fastest, or most fun — but I got it done. It seems like I’m backsliding — I keep telling myself that a year ago I ran a half marathon, but that was a year ago I wasn’t focused intently on moving up in my career or finishing my Master’s degree. ¬†Hopefully, these will get easier — but I have to remember to remove the judgement in running too. I think that may be part of what is making it not fun so much anymore. I definitely feel better than if I had done nothing at all. But I hadn’t hydrated as much as I needed to today and I did have a ton of other crap going on — so I’ll chalk it up to “some days are better than others” and leave it at that and see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Running,




P.S. I did track this on my Garmin too — but because my Garmin is a Forerunner 10 and not a fancy new one — my app refuses to acknowledge its existence¬†anymore. One more reason I call running a first world sport and refuse to buy into the mindset of always needing the next best thing. One of the reasons I started running was because it was cheap — I can technically go out with my clothes and my shoes and get a workout. I’m not going to spend $$$ when I don’t need to spend $$$. Rant over

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