I’ve been MIA recently

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     I don’t quite know where to go with this blog or running lately, and I fear that I will have to call this blog “Jenn Keeps Moving” or something of the like. At the beginning of the year, I started working out with a trainer at YouFit near my apartment. All good stuff, I wanted to increase my strength and add muscle in order to make me a stronger runner, and I chose this because I didn’t want to injure myself by working out alone, lifting something too heavy and causing permanent damage.Well, that is exactly what I did. One Monday while on a 2:1 training session with a stranger and my trainer, I think I did a deadlift improperly.

Who knows, because on the next day I was in debilitating lower back pain. It came on so suddenly and so sharp, and not even the next morning. I taught all morning and it didn’t start until after 2 pm. I came back to my office to finish grading essays and planning for the next week, and as I got up to go to my second job outside of town, my back started to throb. It hurt so much to even walk, sit, stand, you name it. I didn’t pay attention, thinking this was just a sprain, etc, and I needed to get to my tutoring student in Gwinnett County. I got out there and sat down at the cafe I usually go to wait until he’s finished with work and the pain did nothing but get worse. I took some Advil and this did not help. I’ve never had a kidney stone before, but those that have described it to me have said it’s worse than death and I thought for a brief moment that I had one of those.  I called my student and canceled our session and almost crashed my car driving home in traffic. I got a ticket for driving in the Peach Pass lane that day and I didn’t even care. I would eventually give up my second jobs because of the ongoing pain.

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     And not to mention, I haven’t run in over three months. It sucks. Not running sucks. But running with lower back pain that radiates downward with each step of pavement pounding sucks worse. I eventually went to the ER that night — because I don’t have insurance and a high deductible thanks to an MA degree in a field where I am virtually unemployable in this country now. I’m paying a bill I can’t afford, and I had to beg the county physician to see me even though my financial aid had expired. I’ll comment more about my ER experience in another post because that requires a whole other set of details that I don’t care to get into right now. When I did eventually get scheduled for an X-ray (because my insurance won’t cover an MRI) they found the following:


Clinical Indication: Pain Following Trauma

Comparison: None.

Findings: AP, lateral and spot lateral radiographs of the lumbar spine show slight disc disease with endplate osteophytes at L2-L3 and L3-L4. Vertebral body height, alignment, and disc spaces are preserved. There is no significant facet overgrowth. SI
joints and psoas margins are distinct.


Impression: Slight L2-L3 and L3-L4 disc disease with endplate osteophytes.

Let it be noted that when I made this public, everyone’s reaction included some variant of “but you’re way too young to be dealing with this.” So I have that going for me. The bottom line is, my body is falling apart. I’m still in pain currently as I type this and I have an appointment with a chiropractor on Monday, May 15th. I’m skeptical of chiropractors, but I will do anything at this point. I’m already stretching and Yoga-ing at home daily.And I make sure to get 8K-10K steps in daily. I’m a pretty active person. And my back feels better when I’m active, just not running.

I will walk the Peachtree Road Race this year, and I will do it with pride. I signed up with in-training long before I hurt my back and it sucks to walk in the back of the pack with them, so most Saturdays I really just don’t go. Plus my car died so Saturdays I’ve been dealing with the unwanted process of finding a new/used one. That sucks too.

I, fortunately, have my job at GSU in the Intensive English Program (which I LOVE) but I have no idea how much longer that will last since our numbers are so low this summer.

All I can say is this too, shall pass and move on to survive another day. Hope you are reaching your fitness dreams this month. Someone has to. How do you cope with a stressful situation? What is new in your world? Share some love.

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Ultimately, these are first-world, very white wines (whines) and I will get over them. But for now, I will mostly just have to vent and move on.

Thanks for listening (reading)!