One step forward


I finally have a day off and my foot felt slightly better so I thought I’d give running a try with a couple loops around my apartment complex this afternoon. After one loop–roughly a half mile, the pain started again so I thought I’d drop into my apartment’s gym to finish off the workout. I did that and got on the elliptical thinking that this would be a better option since it’s lower impact, and finished 30 min on the elliptical no problem — I know I could have put the intensity up a bit because I left a little still in the tank. I guess I have to start back slow — I finished 2.5 miles and did some upper body (chest, lat pull down, biceps and triceps weights) and my foot hurts worse now, so racing on Thursday is probably out of the question. I really do want to have a good 2017 running season now that this MA stuff is almost behind me.

I do realize how much better I feel — physically, emotionally, mentally, and just generally more me-ish when I’m active, even if only for 30 minutes a day. I also have to cut myself some slack — my life is different now, and I’m not always going to be able to run 8 miles a day. No, I haven’t been distance training, but it’s OK because I can do SOMETHING. I have such an all or nothing mentality sometimes. Just do some pushups or situps at home if I don’t have time. It’s about accountability — but I find myself doing these mind games with myself and psyching myself out. I’m back though — and that’s what the blog is about.

Exercise, water, good food, sleep, repeat. Let’s see how long this lasts.

A little late to the party, but here’s my latest race


Metaphor for running and for life.

October 23, I did run the Atlanta 10 Miler — and I didn’t worry about time. Time in running tends to make me anxious, and since I run to alleviate anxiety it seems counter intuitive. So if you really want to see my time, I trust that you will look it up on the ATC website, but spoiler alert, it wasn’t as fast as last year and you will just have to deal with that.


I haven’t been distance training, so much of this race was taken with the approach of I’m going take it easy and enjoy the scenery and get some fit bit steps in. I did intervals but I can’t tell you how I did them. Mostly walked up steep hills and ran down them.


I do this entirely for the bling. Right? What else is there?

I took lots of pictures, and you can see them here:

I’m upset now because I did something to my foot not running, and now I can’t run for a few weeks. Which means I’ll miss my favorite Thanksgiving Day race, but I wasn’t planning on doing the half anyway. I had downgraded to the 5K because I haven’t been distance training and something is better than nothing. Now I can’t even run the 5K if I want my foot to be OK for a good 2017 running season. So like the country, I’m going to write off this 2016 as a sort of crappy running year and hope for good things in 2017.

But I love when I see things like this at the end of the day.


In other non running news, my MA paper was accepted by my first reader this week and I have a presentation date of December 2 at 1pm. Shit is gettin’ real — which is probably why I haven’t been running as much. You have to make sacrifices, right?

I’ll come back with a goal post for the start of 2017 when I have them. Aside from the MA and my amazing IEP students, I’m ready to write of 2016 as a shit year and start fresh.

Just keep moving…

I haven’t posted in a while, but only because I have nothing really to report. Since the last post, I’ve been running on a fairly regular schedule but not distance training. I completed the Atlanta Track Club’s Hearts and Soles 5K, with not a great time but an idea of where I need to do and the work I need to complete before the Peachtree Road Race.

I was happy to boast a 10:59 chip pace per mile for the Hearts and Soles 5K, with an overall chip time of 34:06. I know this has to come down if I want to do the sub-30 5K before the end of the year, but until then I will just bask in the glory that is below an 11-min mile for 5K — and work on the rest later.


one mile at a time


Photo credit:


Coming up (this weekend) I will be running (or walking or moving) in the Publix Half Marathon. I decided to do this back in January. It seemed like a good idea because the Track Club bought it and it was the cheapest half I’ve ever done. But life got in the way, and I have not run more than 7 miles consecutively since the last half last November. Oh well. I will probably do the first 10K at race pace (11:30 or something close) and walk/run interval the other half. If I finish in 3 hours I will be thrilled. I am in no way ready for 13.1 miles, but it  will be a nice day to be outside and enjoy a good walk around the city. So I go.

The following weekend, I will do the Atlanta Women’s 5K for the first time ever. I’ve heard good things about this race. Only women, supporting each other, and a challenging but pretty course through Chastain Park. Stay tuned.

I still have to fit in all the academic stuff I swore I would do over spring break but didn’t. All that stuff for the research assistantship just keeps piling up. But it will get done, because writing is like running. One mile, one word at a time.