All I want for Christmas…

Is to be able to run, back-pain free, and under a 15-minute mile pace.  All I ask is a sub-45 minute 5K. Is that really too much to ask? I’m getting there. It would help to go to physical therapy, but the life and times of a full-time ESOL elementary teacher in North Fulton County sometimes just doesn’t allow for that over Thanksgiving Break.

I’m getting closer to that goal — as I took my feet back on the road for the first time in three months today, very slowly, very steadily, and very mindfully — 30/30 second walk/run intervals all the way. My lungs burned; my throat burned. My back worked its way back into positions it hasn’t seen in months and eventually back to the rightful place. There was a lot of mental screaming and foam rolling after.

I look back at my old 5K race bibs, with times of 34, 33, 32, and eventually 31 and change — never less than that. I have a lot of work to do, both inside and outside of the classroom. Both on and off the running trail. More on that later. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Just keep moving…

I haven’t posted in a while, but only because I have nothing really to report. Since the last post, I’ve been running on a fairly regular schedule but not distance training. I completed the Atlanta Track Club’s Hearts and Soles 5K, with not a great time but an idea of where I need to do and the work I need to complete before the Peachtree Road Race.

I was happy to boast a 10:59 chip pace per mile for the Hearts and Soles 5K, with an overall chip time of 34:06. I know this has to come down if I want to do the sub-30 5K before the end of the year, but until then I will just bask in the glory that is below an 11-min mile for 5K — and work on the rest later.


one mile at a time


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Coming up (this weekend) I will be running (or walking or moving) in the Publix Half Marathon. I decided to do this back in January. It seemed like a good idea because the Track Club bought it and it was the cheapest half I’ve ever done. But life got in the way, and I have not run more than 7 miles consecutively since the last half last November. Oh well. I will probably do the first 10K at race pace (11:30 or something close) and walk/run interval the other half. If I finish in 3 hours I will be thrilled. I am in no way ready for 13.1 miles, but it  will be a nice day to be outside and enjoy a good walk around the city. So I go.

The following weekend, I will do the Atlanta Women’s 5K for the first time ever. I’ve heard good things about this race. Only women, supporting each other, and a challenging but pretty course through Chastain Park. Stay tuned.

I still have to fit in all the academic stuff I swore I would do over spring break but didn’t. All that stuff for the research assistantship just keeps piling up. But it will get done, because writing is like running. One mile, one word at a time.